What do you think of the Andersen Ultimate Fifth Wheel Connection (fifth wheel hitch)?

Most people who own them like them.

Many people who have never owned them won’t use them for a variety of reason (google “Andersen failures” and you’ll find a handful of catastrophic pictures that get shared often).

I had one and absolutely hated it. My camper had a very low pin weight percentage (15% on a triple axle toy hauler) and I’ve talked to other owners who had similar issues as me- every one was a heavier camper with lower pin weight percentages.

On top of the ride issues, I never got it to stop twisting in the truck bed (and yes, it was torqued to the appropriate amounts as indicated in the instruction manual).

And lastly, there was the whole owner defacing an arch in Arches national park thing.

But anyway, it lasted 4 months before I swapped it out. The ride with it was absolutely atrocious. We felt every last bump and movement in the camper up in the cab of the truck. With a wife with back pain, it was torture for her to drive on trips.

I did not have the same ride issues with a B&W Companion or TrailerSaver TS3 – both of which were used in the same truck and with the same camper.