Are seatbelts in a motorhome less safe than in a car/truck?

FMVSS 209, Seat Belt Assemblies, specifies requirements for seat belt assemblies used in passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles (MPVs), trucks, and buses. The installation requirements for motorhomes must pass government testing/installation requirements. They’re no more or less safe than cars/trucks. See this PDF:

What is the best internet while I’m camping?

There’s no single best provider. If you’re traveling and NEED Internet, then you need a primary and a backup. If you’re stationary, your options are possibly different. For me, we were travelers- we had T-Mobile Home Internet first, then Starlink, then AT&T, and finally Verizon. (Yes, my Internet bill was super high, but it supported […]

What are the components of solar?

For solar, you’ll need: This will give you 12v power. If you also want 120v power (aka household outlet power), you’ll need to add an inverter. For that, you’ll need: The inverter installation can either be simple (you plug extension cords into it), complex with individual automatic transfer switches for specific breakers, or fully integrated […]