Who has the best roadside assistance (Good Sam, CoachNET, AAA, or insurance company)?

Good Sam and CoachNET are both big names. They use the same general network of providers and you either get a rock star or you get some doofus who can’t keep his finger out of his nose. Because of that, both have war stories and both have great stories. That said, AAA seems to consistently get the worst reviews in my reading of groups & forums. 

Flip a coin and pick one. I went with Good Sam and has a great experience when I broke a leaf spring in a Walmart parking lot on a Sunday.

If you go with your insurance company, make sure they’ll tow both your tow vehicle and your trailer. As well, I posted this to Facebook and got a reply saying, “As an insurance agent I wanted to comment on the roadside coverage on the auto insurance policy. Unlike the benefits from a separate roadside club subscription, using the roadside on your car policy can impact your future rates. If all you have are a couple roadside claims you’ll probably never notice. But they do count it as an “incident” and paired with other “incidents” could really impact your rates.

The other downside to using auto insurance as opposed to the club plan (Good Sam, Coachnet, AAA etc) is that some carriers will not tow the undamaged trailer if the truck breaks down unless there was an accident.

Link for a discount at Good Sam: