Which is safer? Class A motorhomes or truck + fifth wheels?

Which is safer? There’s no hard and fast data for an objective comparison. Everything is subjective and swayed by personal opinion. Most class A motorhomes are above the weight limit where crash tests are required. The fear is that things in the house become deadly projectiles no matter how secure you are in seatbelts/whatnot. But, […]

Is an RV clothing washer/dryer worth it? And what should I know about them?

To answer if an RV clothing washer/dryer is worth it or not, the first question is are you weekending or fulltime? We weekended for 3 years and just didn’t see the point. We didn’t mind the occasional trip to the campground laundry facilities and taking home dirty clothes. Once we went fulltime, we started without […]

I just bought an RV (travel trailer, fifth wheel, pop-up, or motorhome) – what do I need?

NEEDs are very few, SHOULD HAVEs a little longer, and WANTs are never ending! Watch out for “must have” lists with 30+ things on them. Some are good, some you’ll never use. Start small and go use it a few times before going overboard buying all the things. See if this list helps get you […]