Are seatbelts in a motorhome less safe than in a car/truck?

FMVSS 209, Seat Belt Assemblies, specifies requirements for seat belt assemblies used in passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles (MPVs), trucks, and buses. The installation requirements for motorhomes must pass government testing/installation requirements. They’re no more or less safe than cars/trucks. See this PDF:

Which is safer? Class A motorhomes or truck + fifth wheels?

Which is safer? There’s no hard and fast data for an objective comparison. Everything is subjective and swayed by personal opinion. Most class A motorhomes are above the weight limit where crash tests are required. The fear is that things in the house become deadly projectiles no matter how secure you are in seatbelts/whatnot. But, […]

What is the best damage prevention for when a blowout occurs?

A tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is the answer. More times than not, a “blowout” isn’t. It’s a flat that was run until the tire comes apart and beats the snot out of the camper around it. Yes, sudden losses of air (aka blowouts) happen and same with losing tread on a tire that continues […]