Changing Tires (lug nuts)

I use a breaker bar and then will use my foot to step on the end of it to break the lug nuts loose. Then I have a little baby Dewalt impact that I’ll spin them off with.

Putting them back on, I hand start them, then spin them on with the Dewalt and torque to spec with a torque wrench (in 3 passes). I’ll then stop every 25-50 miles to re-tighten any that loosened and will repeat until none take any more tightening.

Required tools:

  • Sockets that fit lug nuts and rims
  • Breaker bar
  • Torque wrench
  • Cordless impact wrench (nice to have)
  • Bottle/floor jack

Important! Always try this at home first! The safety of your driveway/campsite is a whole lot better than roadside with cars whizzing past.