Glossary & Acronyms


Black Water – toilet water

Boondocking – camping outside of the confines of a campground with no hookups

Dry Camping – camping in a campground but with no hookups (can also sometimes refer to electric-only sites depending on context)

Dry Weight – a fictional advertised weight that no camper ever weighs once it leaves the factory

Galley Water – sink water

Gray Water – sink and shower water

Moochdocking – setting up camp in a family member/friend’s driveway

Pin Weight – the portion of a fifth wheel’s weight that pushes down on/is carried by the tow vehicle

Toad – a vehicle that is towed behind a motorhome

Tongue Weight – the portion of the camper’s total weight that pushes down/is carried by on the tow vehicle, typically used for travel trailers

Wallydocking – overnight parking at Walmart or other retail establishment


FW – fifth wheel

GAWR – gross axle weight rating

GCWR – gross combined weight rating

GVWR – gross vehicle weight rating

TT – travel trailer

TV – tow vehicle or television, depending on context