I’m looking for RV bed supports (upgrading and brand new).

RV Bed Support Struts

For an RV bed support in my first rig, there was nothing (actually the bed base was screwed down and I turned it into a storage area), I added gas struts for under there. Then on my second RV, the factory RV bed support was so wimpy that it was a pain to lift the bed and it didn’t stay up, so I used the same struts from my first camper as an upgrade.

You need 3 things:

Because I opted for struts from a car, there wasn’t a guide to tell me where to install the ball mounts. I wish I had a better answer, but mine was “guess and check”. I think there was something to do with retracting it fully and marking or something. But I’m a simple (and not incredibly smart) guy.

Electric Option

An alternative that I have seen in a forum post and it’s mentioned in this video, is to opt for electric actuator lifts.