What are the components of solar?

For solar, you’ll need:

  • 1 or more panels
  • wiring between the panels + to the solar controller
  • solar controller
  • wiring between the solar controller and the battery
  • disconnects to be able to turn off the solar and batteries separately
  • fuses to protect the wiring between the solar and controller and likely others between the controller and the batteries
  • sealant to close up any holes that you make

This will give you 12v power. If you also want 120v power (aka household outlet power), you’ll need to add an inverter. For that, you’ll need:

  • an inverter
  • wiring between the battery and inverter
  • fuse between the inverter and battery
  • optionally, a disconnect for the inverter so you can easily turn it off

The inverter installation can either be simple (you plug extension cords into it), complex with individual automatic transfer switches for specific breakers, or fully integrated into your electrical system.

This article talks you through the selection of an inverter and possible installation options: