What is the best RV for us to fulltime in?

There is no one best RV. We fulltimed as a family for 5 years and met countless other families. We saw people in everything from  short travel trailers, little motorhomes, old Prevost entertainer tour busses, schoolies, bunkhouse fifth wheels, and toy haulers. If you name it, there is someone out there in it and very happy […]

How do I make friends with other families who fulltime? Will my kids be lonely fulltime? Will I?

We traveled for 5 years and our biggest and best way of finding families and making friendships came through Fulltime Families. Through the groups and through attending events hosted by the organization and families on behalf of the organization. After a while on the road, it was rare for us to be in a campground […]

How much cargo do you carry as a family who fulltimes? Concerns with low cargo carrying capacity (CCC)!

The weight of cargo for a family who fulltimes is a lot higher than people think. The average family who fulltimes needs 500-750 pounds or more of CCC per person in the RV/camper that they select. The longer the rig, the higher that number. Heck, my family is known for being “over-prepared” and we run […]