How much cargo do you carry as a family who fulltimes? Concerns with low cargo carrying capacity (CCC)!

The weight of cargo for a family who fulltimes is a lot higher than people think. The average family who fulltimes needs 500-750 pounds or more of CCC per person in the RV/camper that they select. The longer the rig, the higher that number. Heck, my family is known for being “over-prepared” and we run […]

Pulled my travel trailer for the first time, why did it sway so much?

Suction by big trucks is normal, sway is not. Start with properly weighing the setup and start comparing our against your truck’s ratings. You specifically want to look at: the tongue weight percentage being between 11-14% the rear tires of the truck not being overloaded the front axle of the truck not being significantly unloaded […]