What questions should I ask and what should I check when I get a new RV?

When you buy a new or used RV, you should do a complete walk-through to make sure all of the systems are working. We often call it a “Pre-Delivery Inspection” (PDI). Dealers often call it a walk-thru.

Here is a checklist (not mine) for a walk-thru to ensure all systems work and there aren’t leak surprises. I’ve used it multiple times now.

The one thing that I think this is missing is taking a DVD to make sure it plays with sound each place it’s supposed to. Most of my DVD players were messed up in some way.

As well, you may want to consider hiring an RV inspector to do a complete inspection. This shouldn’t stop you from doing your own systems walk-thru, but is good information especially if you’re new to RVing or that particular kind of RV. They’ll give you a comprehensive inspection report at the end. If you need, I can help you review the contents of it.