What RV memberships should I sign up for?

The different memberships are good or bad for each individual depending on your travel style, location, and whatnot.

For instance, we have been close to where Thousand Trails parks are and love the cost savings (we’ve stayed over 1,000 nights in the past 10 years; at $30-60/night, we’ve saved $20-50,000 in that time).

Alternatively, while we LOVE Harvest Hosts, we rarely get benefit out of it and let our membership expire this year. We just don’t do many overnights and if we do, we drive until it’s very very late.

For families who are considering going fulltime, Fulltime Families has been amazing for us from a sense of community and support. For adults who are considering going fulltime, Escapees/Xscapers is a popular option.

Don’t forget about roadside support and extended warranties.

Here are a variety of other ideas: