What works and doesn’t work when I’m not plugged into a campsite?

There are 2 power systems in RVs:

  • 12v system runs off of the batteries; 12v powers things like:
    • lights,
    • water pump,
    • bathroom vents,
    • HVAC thermostat,
    • furnace brains + blower fan,
    • 12v fridge or 2-way fridges,
    • slides,
    • and electric stabilizers/leveling system
  • 120v system comes from the campsite power (or generator or inverters); 120v items are your:
    • regular outlets,
    • microwave,
    • air conditioners,
    • residential refrigerators,
    • most TVs, etc.

When not connected to shore power, you need to use a generator or inverter to make 120v power.