Who can I go to for warranty work?

When your dealer is booked way out on RV warranty work or you bought out of state and your local dealer won’t do RV warranty on your rig, what are your options?

I avoid dealers for service at all cost- especially warranty work! Mobile RV techs and independent repair shops can do warranty work. Contact your manufacturer or extended warranty about what the process is for them to do warranty work. The only one that I’ve heard that doesn’t allow either is Keystone (see below; which is reason enough why I wouldn’t buy one).

Usually you have to get pre-approval and then get reimbursed. They often don’t pay for the mobile tech site visit but that is worth the convenience in my opinion (and especially so if it saves a fulltimer a hotel stay).

Finding Service Centers and Mobile Techs

My favorite site for finding service centers used to be www.rvservicereviews.com. Their website looks like it’s from the early 1990s and didn’t work on my phone the last time I tried it. But the information in it is good.

Now it has been replaced by My RV Resource! This site is newer and more user friendly.

Keystone Does Not Support Independents

About Keystone not supporting independents: I chatted with them a year or two ago and they were very harsh on the idea of allowing mobile techs or independent service centers in all but emergency cases. Here’s the transcript from the chat: