Can I use my 30 amp camper at home?

Installing a 30amp outlet isn’t all that difficult. Just be aware that 30amp campers are 110 volts. Installing a 220 volt outlet will fry electronics in the RV. Professional electricians get it wrong. Ensure that you (or you watch them) test the output of the outlet before you plug in (or better- have an electric monitoring system for the RV):

Installing a 30amp outlet isn’t hard. Running the wire is usually the hardest part. For most situations, running a 10/2 wire is sufficient. But you’ll want to watch the length of the wire/distance of the run and potentially have to go larger if it’s a long distance. Wire size calculators can help you there (like the Paige Wire Calculator- ).

You’ll need an empty slot in your breaker panel and you’ll install a single pole 30 amp breaker.

If any of the above gives you the heebeejeebees, please hire a professional.

You can adapt down and plug into a regular household outlet using a 30amp to 15amp converter. But for simplistic purposes, don’t plan on running the air conditioner. Most everything else can be ran, though.