Can I run this appliance? (Usually hair dryer, toaster oven, or air fryer)

If you can plug it into a regular household plug in your house, you can use it in the camper. The main difference from a house is you have 2 legs of 200 amps of power available. In an RV, you either have 2 legs of 50 amp power or 1 leg of 30 amp power.

On a 50 amp RV, you generally don’t have worries with what else is running. We have 3 air conditioners, a clothing washer/dryer, microwave, InstantPot and absolutely no sense of what all is running at once. In our 9 years of RVing, we’ve tried the breaker 3-5 times.

On a 30 amp RV, it gets a little trickier and you need to be aware of what else is running at the time.

1800 watts divided by 120 volts = 15 amps or 1/2 of what your camper is capable of providing you. If you’re running an air conditioner, they tend to run at 12-18 amps, so you can see how that can quickly exceed what is available. A fridge runs at 3-6 amps, water heater at 8-11 amps, etc.

Use a chart like this to keep track of what amps are currently being used in order to stay under the limits of your electrical service: