How do I make friends with other families who fulltime? Will my kids be lonely fulltime? Will I?

We traveled from 2015-2020 and found a huge community of families on the road. We also tapped back into the traveling community when we got back on the road for a year from 2022-2023. There are a few groups/organizations that are great for establishing that sense of community:



Republic of Nomads and Fulltime Families are both putting on events. If you can craft your travels to make it to them, the connections you make there can be fostered into friendships. Roadschooling Resources is wanting to do events in the near future from what I understand.

After a while on the road, it was rare for us to be in a campground where we didn’t know someone or, at the very least, there was a member of one of the groups above (proudly flying flags or stickers to make for an easier ice breaker). And if we were boondocking, we’d often have friends join us (or vice versa).