How much cargo do you carry as a family who fulltimes? Concerns with low cargo carrying capacity (CCC)!

The weight of cargo for a family who fulltimes is a lot higher than people think. The average family who fulltimes needs 500-750 pounds or more of CCC per person in the RV/camper that they select. The longer the rig, the higher that number. Heck, my family is known for being “over-prepared” and we run over 1,000 pounds per person!

This is everything from bed and bath linens, clothing, food/drinks, cooking appliances, pots and pans, games, toys, musical instruments, extra furniture, decorations, and then there’s water in the water heater, starter water in the black tank(s), freshwater if any is carried.

I’m a card carrying member of the buckled frame club and unfortunately I’m one of dozen or more families who I know personally who fulltime and have suffered the same fate.

As you get started, make sure you’re weighing early and weighing often. Start with the rig empty to see what your true cargo carrying capacity is. Then as you load it up, continue checking it. Once on the road, we’ll weigh every 4-6 months to keep a handle on the introduction of new stuff.