How to deal with wastewater when camping without sewer hookups?

Your biggest goal is going to be to minimize your water use. The less water you use, the less likely you are to need to dump.

For us, we do very well until it comes time to shower. We are a bunch of long haired Wookiees. When showering, you do “navy showers” which is basically turning off the water any time you’re not actively rinsing.

Don’t skimp on water with the toilet. You can let pee rest (but we can’t stand the smell) but you should use a normal amount of water for poo. You don’t want to gunk up the factory.

With just a little conservation, it should be easy to get through a weekend.

But, if your tanks are full- you have a couple of options:

  • my least favorite: take the RV to the dump station
  • if it’s allowed, dump shower and sink water on the ground (not your kitchen, that has food bits and stinks and can attract pests)
  • use a macerator pump to the dump station if you’re within about 150’
  • offload the waste water to a tote (be aware these get very heavy very quick if you’re moving it by hand)

I am prepared with the last option, but went all crazy town. I had a custom bladder made. It sits in my truck bed and I use a macerator to pump up into it. I can offload about 110g at a time!