What is the best RV for us to fulltime in?

There is no one best RV. We fulltimed as a family for 5 years and met countless other families. We saw people in everything from  short travel trailers, little motorhomes, old Prevost entertainer tour busses, schoolies, bunkhouse fifth wheels, and toy haulers. If you name it, there is someone out there in it and very happy with their decision.

For us, we made a list of requirements and started going to big RV dealers and to RV shows (well, once they start again). We would go as the whole family and make believe we were living in each one. Pretend to cook a meal, put the kids to bed and imagine the adults staying awake, use the toilet and shower, where do pets go. Once we started finding some layouts, we would spend a good hour or more in them to really get a feel for what life was like.

From that, you can figure out what is best *for you*.

That said, I am partial to toy hauler layouts because the garage is so flexible and they have higher cargo carrying capacities.